End Emergency Orders that Limit Liberty!

End Emergency Orders that Limit Liberty!

“It is especially in times of emergency that we must protect the rights of the people, lest we establish a dangerous precedent empowering less benevolent government officials in the future to oppress the people in the name of exigency.”

Wisconsin Legislature v. Secretary of Wisconsin Department of Health Services, 2020 Wis. 42 (May 13, 2020) (4-3 decision) (quoting Grassl Bradley, J., concurring). Read complete Wisconsin Opinion Here.            

Take Action!  Many states are unconstitutionally extending Emergency Orders and are putting citizens in additional stress and peril due to loss of fundamental liberties:  the right to assemble, freedom of religion, freedom of personal privacy and bodily autonomy, freedom to access the health care of their choice, the right to education and employment, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Please Take Action Here to write your legislators. Let them know what your liberty expectations are and that you want to end these over-reaching executive orders.  Ask them to read the recent Wisconsin Supreme Court decision, cited above, striking down WI’s Governor Evers’ extension of the Safer at Home Order.  Send the letter we prepared or write your own and let your legislator know your concerns now!

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