Consent is the Bedrock of Health Freedom!

Write to Your Governor and Legislators to
Protect Your Right to Make Your Own Health Decision

Take Action Here to make sure our government honors and upholds your inalienable right and freedom to make your own health care decisions for yourself and for your family. 

That includes decision-making on vaccines!!

  1. If you fear governments and corporations will force or coerce you to have a vaccine, then you need to take action and write to lawmakers to protect your freedom.

Vaccine promotions are ramping up.  Governments and corporations are making orders and public policies that attempt to prohibit healthy human behaviors, such as breathing freely and socializing and being in community with others.  They even attempt to block you from your education and employment if you don’t get a vaccine. This is a time when the people of the world need to stand up and protect their personal sovereignty against government and corporate coercion. 

The people of America can, and will, care for each other when their freedoms are protected.  Americans need to go back to work with full participation in their lives, in schools, in hospitals and clinics, at restaurants, stores, businesses, and manufacturing facilities, without any fear of restrictions. 

Countless people are suffering in mind, body, and spirit because of loss of togetherness in their communities, the loss of their jobs, and the promotion of fear and threats.

  1. If you don’t feel well, remember all the things you did to get well before you knew about a possible pandemic.  Strengthen your immune system and work with your health care practitioners to be well and to better prepare yourself and your family to face immune system challenges such as COVID.

It is clear that those individuals with stronger health generally deal with acute respiratory illness better than those with chronic illness.  There is much that can be done for each person to help increase his/her level of health and immune system.

We Americans must align with our fundamental rights
of self-determination and personal liberties
to call upon our strengths, not our fears,
in coping with emergencies.


“The only thing that governments need
to make people into slaves is fear”.

[i] Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Peaceful Rallies Around the World to Champion Freedom, The Defender, September 20, 2020, accessed online October 27, 2020 here on the Children’s Health Defense Website
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