WI: Act Now to Protect Consumer Access to Natural Health Practitioners!

NO LONGER ACTIVE:  Bill Not Passed Before Session Ended

Our legislative efforts have reached a crucial time and we need your support! Please contact your Legislators and urge them to sign on as a cosponsor to LRB 3599, The Consumer Protection for Alternative Healthcare Act.  NHFA, Sunshine Health Freedom Foundation, and the WI Health Freedom Coalition (WIHFC) have worked hard to get this WI “Health Freedom” bill ready for introduction but, before it’s introduced, we need your help to get as many cosponsors as possible to sign onto the bill.


Please support consumer access to natural health practitioners in WI by requesting your legislators cosponsor LRB 3599.   Send a message here to let them know that LRB3599 is needed to protect both consumers and practitioners as well as those who provide services to health seekers in Wisconsin, including herbalists, traditional naturopaths, and wellness consultants and that they should sign on as a co-sponsor.  The deadline for co-sponsorship is Friday, December 8, 2017 at 5:00pm.


Also, please take another minute to personally call your legislators to let their offices know that you are a natural health consumer or practitioner who wants them to support LRB 3599.  You can find out who your legislators are and their contact information here; just enter your address in the Who are My Legislators box. Simply leaving a brief message with a legislative assistant can make a big difference!


NHFA will keep you up to date on the progress of LRB 3599, however, if you would like to be added to the Rapid Response Team of our on-the-ground lobbyists and be provided with additional updates and opportunities to help our efforts, please email Nathan J. Halbach, Government Affairs Specialist, at: Nathan.Halbach@huschblackwell.com.


Similar bills to The Consumer Protection for Alternative Healthcare Act, LRB 3599/1, have already passed into law in ten other states.  Wisconsin’s bill will provide an exemption to state occupational licensure for those non-invasive complementary and alternative health care practitioners who (1) avoid a specific list of prohibited conduct, such as puncturing the skin or administering prescription drugs or telling people to go off their treatments recommended by their licensed health care professional, and (2) give out the disclosure information listed in the bill, such as contact information, education and training, and the nature of the services to be rendered.


Health-seekers deserve to have maximum options protected for them as they work to explore their wellness and health.    Please support Wisconsin’s bill here.