Congratulations California! Titles for traditional naturopaths will remain protected.

NO LONGER ACTIVE:  Congratulations California!  Bill passed!

Congratulations California!  NHFA is pleased to report that the titles for traditional naturopaths will remain protected after SB 796 was signed by the governor on October 8, 2017!   When NHFA alerted you about SB 796 back in May, the bill sought to prohibit use of the titles “naturopath”, “naturopathic practitioner,” and “traditional naturopath” by complementary and alternative health care practitioners, including traditional naturopaths, legally practicing in California.

Thanks to a great team effort by California Health Freedom Coalition, Sunshine Health Freedom Foundation, NHFA, and others, the threatening language was removed from the bill! California is a “Health Freedom Safe Harbor” state for unlicensed natural health practitioners and NHFA is grateful to all of the practitioners who spoke out to oppose and amend SB 796 so these titles would remain in the public domain. We couldn’t have done this without you!  Click here to read the signed bill.

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