Support proposed legislation, RN 19 23412 that will return the right of doctors to protect their patients.

Help Californians Protect their Physicians’ Rights to Make Vaccine Recommendations to their Patients!

Take Action Here:  We need California Physicians to be able to make recommendations in the best interest of their patients!! 

Professional medical decision-making by California Physicians has always been presumptively valid and honored, until the state of California passed a law that took away that long-standing presumption in the case of vaccines.  Now California is allowing state government employees to over-ride a Physician’s decision when a Physician recommends protecting a vulnerable patient by giving a medical exemption to a vaccine.  

Click Here to enter your info and Send a Message to your CA Legislator:  Ask them to support proposed legislation, RN 19 23412, (Click Here for Bill Draft) that will return the right of doctors to protect their patients. This bill would return medical decision-making to doctors and their patients and keep oversight of the medical profession with the medical boards of California instead of other government employees.

Click Here to support California Health Coalition Advocacy, the organization sponsoring this bill to move forward.  They need your urgent help to support their lobbying efforts.  February 21st is the introduction deadline!

The bill would:

  •  Make all medical exemptions to vaccines presumptively valid.

  • Remove the ability of CDPH to revoke a medical exemption unless a doctor is disciplined by the medical board for unprofessional conduct in writing a medical exemption. 

  • Incorporate protections that would assure California physicians will write medical exemptions without fear of retribution by the state. 


Take Action Here and support California protecting their Physicians and patients!

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