Support Connecticut’s HB5759 Protecting Access to Healing Practitioners.

NO LONGER ACTIVE – Bill Not Passed Before Session Ended

Please Support Connecticut’s HB5759 Health Freedom Bill that Protects Access to Healing Practitioners!!

Please support Connecticut Representative Ferraro in introducing HB 5759, a bill that protects access to the thousands of traditional, complementary and alternative health care practitioners (such as homeopaths, herbalists, energy healers, and more) who are providing great services to health seekers in Connecticut.  Take Action Here!

According to professional public health studies, millions of Americans are using complementary and alternative health care approaches to achieve wellness. See e.g., NIH, Trends in the Use of Complementary Health Approaches Among Adults: United States, 2002-2012, National Health Statistics Report (Feb. 10, 2015), available at:

HB 5759 will provide an exemption from state occupational registration or licensing requirements for those non-invasive complementary and alternative health care practitioners who are practicing their trades in the public domain, from charges of practicing without a license as long as they (1) avoid a list of prohibited conduct listed in the bill and (2) give out required proper disclosures.

Safe harbor exemption laws are a great common-sense way of addressing the thousands of healers and practitioners and the many businesses providing services in the public domain.  Safe harbors provide practitioners and the state with guidance parameters on how to proceed in their work and in the event of a complaint, and it assures the continued availability of these services to consumers who enjoy them.

Read the 10 states laws  that have a safe harbor exemption law including Minnesota, Rhode Island, California, Louisiana, Idaho, Oklahoma, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado and Arizona has a safe harbor for homeopaths.  Approximately twenty additional states have introduced this type of legislation.

If you live in Connecticut Take Action Here.

Read the bill and check its status here.