Oppose MN HF 96, Protect Un-obstructed Use of Vaccine Conscientiously Held Belief Exemption!

NO LONGER ACTIVE – Bill Not Passed Before Session Ended

Oppose MN HF 96, imposing barriers on parental decision making on vaccine exemptions

Minnesota HF 96 seeks to make opting out of vaccination more difficult for MN parents. Under current law, parents can opt children out of vaccination for medical reasons if approved by doctors, or for philosophical reasons if they present notarized forms to their schools. But, HF 96 would require those parents to talk to a doctor first and to obtain a statement from the physician that the physician has reviewed with the parent information about the risks and benefits of the vaccines that is consistent with information published by the CDC.

Please help stop this attempt to set up hurdles for parents before they exercise their fundamental rights to direct the health choices and wellness path of their children. make their own decisions about their children by making it harder for them to opt out if they make that decision for their children. Take Action here and send a message to your Representatives and Members of the House Health and Human Services Reform Committee.

MN HF 96 was introduced on January 9, 2017 and was referred to the Senate Health, Human Services Reform Committee. You can read the bill here. Take Action Here.