Protect Access to Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practitioners! 
Help S.2634 become law! 

Please Ask the Massachusetts Senate Ways and Means Committee
to Send MA S.2634 (S.665) to the Floor!

Protect Access to Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practitioners! Help Massachusetts Safe Harbor Practitioner Exemption Bill, S.2634 (formerly S.665/H.3660), become law!  S.2634 is in line to be heard in the Massachusetts Senate Ways and Means committee.  Please urge the Committee members to send it now to the Senate floor for a vote.  After passing the Senate, the bill will need to be voted on by the full House, as well, before session ends!

We acknowledge legislators are tied-up handling the COVID-19 crisis and want to be sensitive to that.  Yet, we believe S.2634 is now more important than ever given its potential to both reduce the strain on allopathic care providers and to boost the economy by supporting small alternative healthcare businesses in Massachusetts!

You can take action even if your Senator is not on Senate Ways and Means Committee, and even if you’ve already contacted your legislators about this bill.  Informing them about the progress of S.2634 reminds them of your interests and encourages them to tune in to this important, solution-oriented, bill.

Please help get the bill the attention it deserves!  Massachusetts is SO close to becoming the 12th Safe Harbor state and we don’t want it to be forgotten during this time when legislators are so focused on COVID-19-specific legislation!  The bill is waiting to be sent to the Senate floor! After Taking Action, you’ll receive an email with info about calling your legislators including a sample message.

Together we can protect complementary and alternative health practitioners who are vulnerable to being charged criminally for practicing medicine – or other licensed health care profession – without a license!  Please stay tuned for updates by staying in touch with us and with Health Freedom Action Massachusetts (HFAMA)Thank you!

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