It’s Happening! Assembly Floor Vote on WI AB 546 Thursday, 2/20/2020! Final Day of Session!

We’re thrilled to announce Wisconsin AB 546, the health freedom safe harbor practitioner exemption bill for complementary and alternative health care, will be heard on the Assembly Floor on February 20, 2020, the last day of session!!!  Click here to send a final message of support to your legislators in the WI Assembly!

Please flood the legislature with requests for YES VOTES!  Take Action Now.  Wisconsin is SO close to becoming the 12th Safe Harbor state! 

We can’t thank the Wisconsin Health Freedom Coalition enough for their help in getting the bill this far!  This proactive, solution-oriented legislation is needed to protect consumer access to unlicensed practitioners who provide complementary health care services in Wisconsin, including herbalists, traditional naturopaths, homeopaths, nutrition consultants, and many others. 

Fingers crossed AB 546 will be voted YES on the Assembly floor!  Take Action Now.  Stay tuned for results and next steps.

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