Ask Your Department of Health to Educate Your State Residents
On Building a Stronger Immune System!

Never have individuals been more eager to learn how to stay healthy than right now.  Never have they been more receptive to guidance on building their immune systems.  And never have our public health leaders failed so greatly in providing basic information needed for building better health!

During this time of elevated fears of viruses, our state Departments of Health could be offering the highest level of help in terms of teaching their residents about building a strong immune system.  While public health leaders have urged people to avoid any contact with germs, they have not told them that each person has an immune system that deals with bacteria, viruses, and pathogens each and every day.  At a time when many people fear that their only hope of survival right now is avoiding all germs at all cost – all costs! – they have not told their residents that they can have some control over their own level of health.  Many people literally believe they could not survive the coronavirus if they encountered it.  Our Departments of Health have failed to teach people ways to prepare effectively to deal with viral health challenges.

Each person can take charge of their health by learning about immune resilience.  But those who don’t have the information needed don’t have the tools to take charge.

Imagine if our public health leaders were advising people to take herbal supplements that strengthen the immune system.  Imagine that they explained that vitamins C and D and zinc can strengthen their resistance to viruses.  Imagine if they would let people know about homeopathic providers that are successfully helping so many people to recover from infections.  Imagine if they told people about all of the amazing practitioners of the healing arts that are sharing age-old wisdom so that people do not have to be helpless victims but can build great resilience.  Imagine them giving the most basic advice to get out in the sunshine and fresh air, and to eat wholesome, nutrient-dense foods!

Raise your voice to your state public health officials
and governor by asking them to help people
with information on building their immune system.

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