Help OPPOSE NY AB 8504/ SB 2231-C, Restrictive Dietitian/Nutritionist Licensing bills

NO LONGER ACTIVE:  Bill Not Passed Before Session Ended

New York AB 8504/SB 2231-C are monopolistic dietitian/nutritionist licensing bills that would limit free speech and infringe the rights of consumers and practitioners when it comes to nutrition education and nutrition services.  Please click here to send a message to your legislators and to every member of the Senate and Assembly Higher Education Committees asking them to oppose these unnecessary bills that threaten your health freedom.  Please send a letter of opposition now.


The New York Senate already passed SB 2231 this summer but, fortunately, the Assembly did not and so the bills had to start the process over with the start of the new session in 2018.  Now, these bills could be heard in committee soon and, given the supportive votes for them in 2017, it’s more important than ever for you to educate your legislators on why you want them to oppose AB 8504/SB 2231-C.  They need to hear from you that health-seekers deserve to have maximum options protected for them as they work to explore their wellness and health.  Take Action Here to ask your legislators to please oppose AB 8504/SB 2231!


Currently, New York law is already adequate; dietitians and nutritionists are eligible for voluntary title certification through the New York State Education Department, pursuant to Article 157 of the education law. Certification provides protection of the title – Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist.  These bills seek to change the law to mandatory licensure and prohibit anyone without a license from doing anything within the scope of practice outlined in the bill.  AB 8504/SB 2231 contains a list of exemptions that are not broad enough to protect the practices of thousands of wellness practitioners providing wonderful services to consumers in New York, such as health coaches.  Without proper exemptions to protect free speech and economic liberty, these bills must be stopped.  Please support NHFA in opposing these bills by Taking Action now.