Minnesota Lobby Day for Vaccine Choice Tuesday, January 29, 2019 10am – 4pm

National Health Freedom Coalition strongly stands for the right of parents to make health care decisions for their children, including vaccinations.  In Minnesota, we have a strong exemption policy allowing parents to decline any or all vaccines by submitting a notarized statement to their school or day care provider. If vaccine exemptions are important for you, please contact your state legislators and educate them about your parental rights.

We are working with Vaccine Safety Council of MN to ensure exemption rights.  There will be a Lobby Day at the State Capitol on Tuesday, January 29, from 10 am to 4 pm.  This will be an opportunity for you to meet with your own legislators and to also join with other like-minded folks to talk with their legislators.  What a great learning opportunity, for you and for everyone!

For further details, email minnesotavaccinefreedom@gmail.com. This is a chance to network with other concerned Minnesotans.

To find out who your state legislators are, go to https://www.gis.leg.mn/iMaps/districts/.

If possible, call their office to schedule a visit on the 29th.  Even if you can’t get one scheduled, still come!  If you do get a visit scheduled, email minnesotavaccinefreedom@gmail.com, to let them know, in order to coordinate with other constituents of the same legislator.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Jerri Johnson
President, National Health Freedom Action
651 688 6515