Join NHFA on Monday to Protect Vaccine Exemption Rights in MN!

Please join us on Monday, March 12 to ask your Minnesota legislators to OPPOSE HF 96/SF 143, Vaccine Exemption Modification bill!  Come to the Capitol for an hour, or all day, to visit with your legislators about this important issue and meet fellow advocates!  You’ll hear from our legislative supporters and meet volunteers who can provide you with all you’ll need to educate legislators about why supporting true informed consent and parental rights, and opposing HF 96/SF 143, is the right thing to do! We look forward to seeing you there.


How YOU Can Help:


    1. RSVP to Brian Boyd at to RSVP Yes to Lobby Day on Monday, March 12.  He’ll respond with Capitol Building meeting room number.

    2. Call to make an appointment with your legislators for Monday, March 12, between 10:30-4:30pm. If you don’t know who represents you, you can look up your personal legislators here.

        • Tell the office you are a constituent who’ll be participating in a lobby day hosted by a coalition of organizations supporting MN vaccine exemption rights, and that you’d like to bring one or more additional lobby day participants with you.


        • Happily accept whatever they offer – you might get 5 minutes with a Legislative Assistant, or be asked to attend a meeting set-up by another lobby day participant, or be told to look for your legislator outside of a committee meeting room at a certain time – and email Brian (above) with your appointment information.


      • Note if your representative is an Author of HF 96/SF 143 or is a Member of the Committee where the bills are assigned; Authors of HF 96: Freiberg ; Uglem ; Carlson, L. ; Kunesh-Podein ; Halverson ; Loeffler ; Davnie ; Slocum ; Metsa ; Schultz ; Bernardy ; Murphy, E. ; Ward ; Fischer ; Liebling ; Youakim ; Carlson, A. ; Dehn, R. ; Flanagan ; Hornstein; and Members of the Health and Human Services Reform Committee: Joe Schomacker; Glenn Gruenhagen; Tina Liebling; Tony Albright; Susan Allen; Dave Baker; Matt Dean; Peggy Flanagan ; Mary Franson ; Mike Freiberg ; Laurie Halverson; Debra Kiel ; Erin Koegel; Ron Kresha; Joe McDonald; Rena Moran; Jeremy Munson; Liz Olson; Roz Peterson; Duane Quam; Julie Sandstede; Tama Theis; Authors of SF 143: Eaton; Marty; Hawj; Wiklund; and Members of the Health and Human Services Finance and Policy Committee: Michelle R. Benson; Scott M. Jensen; Tony Lourey; Jim Abeler; Chris A. Eaton; Michelle Fischbach; Jeff Hayden; Mary Kiffmeyer; Matt Kiein; John Marty; Andrew Mathews; Carla Nelson; Julie Rosen.


  1. Show up on 3/12 to lobby your legislators to protect vaccine choice.  Come to: Minnesota State Capitol (map), 75 Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., St. Paul.  Email Brian for Room Number. Come for as long as you are able. Children are welcome.


    Simply showing up makes them notice how important this issue is to Minnesota citizens and to our health freedoms overall. Exercise your rights and tell them you like the current law and that people who use the current exemption based on their conscientiously held beliefs should not be mandated to attend coercive “education” appointments with physicians.


We look forward to seeing you there!!!  Don’t forget to invite friends and family too!


What the bill does:
HF96/SF143 eliminates the current conscientious belief exemption to vaccination for school children in Minnesota and replaces it with a new personal belief exemption that must include a statement from a physician and must be on a form developed by the commissioner of health.   Parents will be required to schedule a visit with a physician who will give them a presentation on CDC vaccination perspectives.  This bill will make it more difficult for parents who wish to decline vaccines, use a different schedule for vaccines than the recommended one, or who wish to skip one of the vaccines, or more, to get an exemption.