Congratulations Iowa! Urgent Support Needed for SF 261, a bill supporting Complementary and Alternative Health Care!

NO LONGER ACTIVE:  Bill Not Passed Before Session Ended

A hearing is scheduled on Iowa’s new bill, the “Iowan’s Access to Complementary and Alternative Health Care” bill, SF 261, for Wednesday, February 20, 2019 in the Senate Human Resources Subcommittee at 10:30 a.m. in RM 315!  SF 261 protects your freedom of choice to utilize services provided by practitioners of complementary and alternative health such as herbalists, traditional naturopaths, nutritional consultants, homeopaths, and many more.  Please Take Action to send a message to the subcommittee members asking them to “recommend to proceed to a full committee” hearing on SF 261. 

We need your help to educate subcommittee members about why this bill is important to you and your family. When you Take Action, you can opt to send a message of thanks to the bill’s sponsors and cosponsors as well as a message of support to your personal legislators too.  SF 261was introduced on February 13, 2019 and assigned to the Senate Human Resources CommitteeThe subcommittee members for SF 261 are Senators GreeneCarlin, and RaganRead more about the bill and other ways you can help support it to final passage, below!  Take Action here.

What the Bill Does:

SF 261 protects consumer access to wonderful complementary and alternative health care practitioners by exempting the practitioners from restrictive and unnecessary state health care licensing laws.  Practitioners will be able to provide their services without fear of being charged with practice of medicine without a license as long as they avoid a list of prohibited acts such as the use of prescription drugs, or puncture of the skin, and as long as they give out proper disclosures listed in the bill. 

What you can do ASAP:

  1. Take Action here.  Please add a personal note on your letter as this will have a greater impact with the legislators.
  2. Call the offices of subcommittee membersto leave a message reiterating your support. Use the contact information available on each legislative page (Sens. GreeneCarlin, and Ragan).

The message: “I support SF 261, the “Iowan’s Access to Complementary and Alternative Health Care”.  I depend on complementary and alternative health care for myself and my family and I want Iowa law to protect my rights as a consumer to a free and educated choice in health care providers.  Please tell Senator [insert subcommittee member name (Greene, Carlin, or Ragan)] to recommend SF 261 proceed to a full committee hearing when the bill is heard in subcommittee on Wednesday.”

  1. Consider attending the sub-committee hearingat the Capitol in Des Moines on Wednesday, February 20, 2019 in the Senate Human Resources Subcommittee at 10:30 a.m. in RM 315. 
  2. Support your local advocacy team “Health Freedom Iowa Action“:  HFIAA “is a nonprofit organization comprised of concerned citizens, medical professionals, and alternative health practitioners dedicated to effecting legislative changes in multiple areas related to health care. HFIA is working hard to secure your right to access complementary and alternative health care modalities and preserve our freedom of choice.”  Check out their website and reach out to organization contact Erica if you plan to attend the hearing or want more information about this organization; Erica’s phone number is (563) 271-7091 and her email is
  3. Stay in touch with NHFA and HFIAA for updates on SF 261 and on HF 332, the House version of SF 261, introduced on Feb. 11, 2019 and assigned to the House Human Resources Committee.  HF 332 is not yet scheduled to be heard. 
  4. Spread the word about SF 261/HF 332. Forward this email to everyone you know who lives in IA asking them to Take Action here and/or share it on social media using the icons below. 

THANK YOU for your commitment to Health Freedom!  If you have questions, contact us at