NHFA’s Formal Response to CDC on NPRM Control of Communicable Disease

Read NHFA’s Formal Comments to
the CDC’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
for Control of Communicable Disease

NHFA strongly opposes the CDC’s Proposed Rules for the Control of Communicable Disease because they attempt to increase police power over citizens in time of public health emergencies. Given the detailed laws already in place giving the CDC broad rulemaking authority to prevent the introduction, transmission, and spread of communicable diseases in interstate and foreign countries into the U.S. and its broad powers to apprehend persons moving across interstate borders and entering the U.S. from international locations regarding a certain and specific number of communicable diseases the NPRM would be an overreaching and dangerous threat to personal liberties and the health of the people of this nation and recommends that the NPRM be withdrawn.

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