How To Pass Health Freedom Legislation in Your State

A concise, free e-book on how to pass health freedom legislation in your state

If you have heard of the new safe harbor practitioner exemption laws that have passed in eleven states, and would like to see something similar pass in your state, National Health Freedom Action is here to help you.  We will work directly with a group of advocates in your state to guide and support you until the freedom is accomplished!

To get you started, read this e-book (An Activist’s Guide to Passing Health Freedom Legislation in Your State).  It will describe the process that we can go through together. Then contact us to get started.

Safe harbor practitioner laws ensure the right of healing practitioners like herbalists, homeopaths, health coaches, and many others, to practice, and enhance consumer access to the practitioners that they wish.

National Health Freedom Action is here to ensure your access to the healing resources you need to be healthy.

Jerri Johnson
President, National Health Freedom Action
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