Victory for health freedom! Help us win the next.

Victory In Maine!

These health freedom leaders in Maine have reason to smile. On June 11th, their health freedom bill, LD 364, became law.

On June 11th, Maine’s health freedom bill, LD 364, called An Act to Establish the Right to Practice Complementary and Alternative Health Care, passed into law. What it really means is that the health coaches, herbalists, homeopaths, traditional naturopaths, and many other practitioners, are able to practice without worry. They don’t have to worry about being charged with a crime – the crime of “practicing medicine without a license.” Maine’s new health freedom statute gives these practitioners an exemption from the state’s broad definition of the practice of medicine, as long as they avoid prohibited acts spelled out in the law and provide their clients with the required disclosures.   With the protection of their new law, these complementary and alternative healers can help people improve health and wellbeing without having to worry about being vulnerable to prosecution by the state medical board. The sensible new health freedom is a win for clients’ freedom to choose their practitioners, for practitioners who no longer have to be afraid, and for the state, leaving important safeguards in place.

National Health Freedom Action fostered the formation of the wonderful group of leaders who led this effort in Maine, NHFA is helping similar efforts taking place in Massachusetts and Wisconsin and supporting other interested states as well. NHFA wants to keep these efforts going nationwide. Maine was the 11th state to enact a safe harbor exemption law. We’d like to continue supporting this kind of reform in every state that doesn’t yet have such a freedom exemption.

Maine’s victory is their victory, but it is also our victory – and yours as a supporter! So, we thank you. We ask for your support today to help us continue this effort. We have set an August fund raising goal of $7,500 by August 31st.  Please consider a contribution to NHFA today as you celebrate with us this latest success.

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