NHF 5G Action Alert

NHF 5G Action Alert – Here is What We Know!

Read and take action on National Health Federation’s excellent alert and list of “Here Is What We Know” about 5G.  We are in a dangerous situation.  We cannot see 5G type radiation and there are no regulations on radio frequency radiation that are protective of human health.  Whatever we can do to stop the deployment of this new powerful radiation health hazard and surveillance system, we should do.  There is no way to exercise informed consent about this 5G exposure and even the most vulnerable people will be unable to escape from this radiation.  There are safer options. This high-volume information load can be sent safely through fiber optic cables which are safe and more capable of carrying the high information loads desired and not through the air exposing and endangering all humans to radiation.

Click Here to Read and Take Action on NHF’s Alert: “Protect our Health and Environment From 5G Calamity!”

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