MA Rally Day invite: 4/11 – Support of S665/H3660

Dear Health Freedom Friends in Massachusetts,

The members of are looking for people to attend Health Freedom Rallies on Thursday, April 11 and April 25, to gain more co-sponsors and legislator support for MA S665/H3660.  Please meet at 12:00 noon in the 4th Floor Cafeteria for training and lobbying from 1:00 – 3:00.  We need constituents represented from as many districts as possible … so we need everyone, including you! 

Massachusetts Health Freedom Action held its first Rally Day in support of S665/H3660 at the State House on Thursday, March 28.  Enthusiastic participants advocating for the bill split up into four groups and talked with over 20 legislative offices!  From all reports back, they were well-received in every office and even secured one additional co-sponsor for the Senate version of the bill.  Over 20 sponsors and co-sponsors from the Senate and House have signed on to the bills so far! 

Your local advocacy group is also looking to develop a list of people willing to testify at a State House hearing on this bill in the Joint Committee for Public Health, which could be scheduled very soon. Testimony generally includes your name, city, position on the bill, and your brief story as a consumer or practitioner of complementary alternative and/or why you support the bill in a statement 1-3 minutes long (also submitted in writing ahead of time).

Hearings can be scheduled with little advance notice so preparing a supportive statement now so you’re already ready when we notify you of the hearing date is ideal.  Please contact if you are willing to testify and want additional details.

THANK YOU for your commitment to Health Freedom!  If you have questions, contact us at

What The Bill Does – Under current law providers of complementary and alternative health services (such as Reiki, qigong, Ayurveda, homeopathy, herbology, and more) may be construed as practicing medicine without a license and face civil fines and criminal penalties.

The new law would protect these practitioners by providing a sensible state exemption for non-invasive complementary and alternative health care practitioners who avoid a specific list of prohibited acts — such as puncturing the skin or administering prescription drugs — and who give out standard disclosure information to their clients — including contact information, education and training, and the nature of the services to be rendered — before delivering services.

If passed, Massachusetts would join ten other states in protecting the thousands of complementary and alternative practitioners who are practicing within their borders.


Massachusetts Health Seekers deserve to have maximum options protected for themselves as they work to explore their wellness and health.  Click Here to Take Action and Support S665/H3660.