Choosing Where to Put Our Attention

Choosing Where to Put Our Attention

A short message from NHFC’s Law and Public Policy Director, Diane Miller JD

Governments are continuing to focus on the danger of a Corona Virus, but with noticeably less attention on infringements of personal liberties and health choices, and the resulting economic and social devastation in society as we know it.    The messages many people are hearing are: “Give up your personal liberties, do what we tell you, because otherwise you will die.” 

Most Americans have no reference for calming their fears about dying from an infectious disease; in the past, people did not have reason to review large death statistics numbers.  They may not even know the general statistics of the thousands of flu deaths each year.  The World Health Organization reports that infectious diseases kill over 17 million people a year world-wide.   Already 19 million people have died world-wide this year from many causes.   In the US, over 600,000 people die of cancer every year.  33,000 new cases of cancer in Minnesota are expected this year, and 8,000 MN cancer patients are expected to die of cancer.  These deaths from cancer, and efforts to prevent them by removing toxins and pollutants from our environment, are not receiving the attention that the 65,000 plus US deaths from coronavirus have received. 

Now compare that for example, to Minnesota, where 400 plus people have been reported of dying of corona virus with a median age of 83.  And keep in mind that the MN Department of Health has encouraged physicians to aggressively report Covid-19 on death certificates, including patients that may not have tested positive for the virus but only exposed.   

Where are we putting our attention?  I am saying these things just to give some perspective.  Today we have many great ways to deal with viruses and to bolster the immune system.   We have amazing resources and brilliant hearts and minds able to deal with bringing people back to health.  Let’s step out of fear and put our freedoms to work and make healthy choices and put in place everything we know about how to be healthy and strong in the face of life’s critical moments.

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