Beg to Differ: An American Characteristic

A short message from NHFC’s Law and Public Policy Director, Diane Miller JD

Americans value having the freedom to research what resonates with their own personal truth and observations and to explore their options.  And in the past 2 months many Americans have read, listened, and spoken to, many sources of information regarding the reason for quarantining the entire population.  National Health Freedom Coalition has created a special resource button on its website with links to many articles and videos from our colleagues in the health freedom movement, many of whom have extensive backgrounds in freedom, health, and the history of our country.

And right now, Americans are asking a lot of questions about the media and government narrative, of a deadly virus, more lethal than the annual flu (which killed over 60,000 Americans in the last flu season), and that is worldwide.  This narrative has been the foundation of national and local government decisions to exercise police power over citizens and force them into quarantine, disrupting their jobs and educations, and destabilizing social networks and financial survival.

You may have been told that this is not the time to “beg to differ” because it is dangerous to do so, and your fear is urging you to comply and not ask questions.  But as a freedom leader I want to say that this is the EXACT time that Americans need to beg to differ.  Americans need to do their own research and explore other possibilities for this broad global expression of police power, so that we can problem solve openly and avoid having this suppression of freedom in the future.   For example, I beg to differ when I hear the narrative that this is how it will be in the future of the world.  I refuse to agree that the people of the world need to give up personal freedoms in order to live in harmony and health.

What if there are agendas playing out that don’t have your best long-term interest as an American in mind?  We encourage you to access your available resources to learn more and live your true American dream of freedom.  Freedom is a constant conversation.  Be an active part of the freedom conversation!

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