A sincere thank you to all who made generous donations to National Health Freedom Action’s August 2020 Fundraising Campaign! We were able to reach our matching goal of $5,250 AND our overall goal of $13,000! Thank you so much!!! Your support enables us to continue our vital work for your health freedoms.

We pledge to continue our work focused on:

  • The right of practitioners of the healing arts to practice
  • The right to choose or decline medical procedures for yourself and your children, including but not limited to vaccinations
  • Protection from microwave radiation (EMFs)
  • The value of GMO Labeling, organic food and regenerative agriculture
  • Mercury Free Dentistry and medical products

To our generous matching donors Lesley & Michael Tierra and the East West School of Planetary Herbology, Cilla Whatcott, Rosemary Gladstar & Anonymous Donors, we thank you more than words can say.

As we look across the country, we can see that the movement for health freedom is growing, and you are part of the reason for that success. Working together, we are making things happen! 

With deepest gratitude,

The NHFA team

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