Safe Harbor legislation is essential to Health Freedom and we need your support!

Safe Harbor legislation is essential to Health Freedom and we need your support!

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 National Health Freedom Action is on the forefront ensuring your interests! Safe Harbor practitioner exemption laws protect consumer access to and the right to practice complementary and alternative health care.

National Health Freedom Action is working hard this session, providing activists with the resources they need to participate in the political process to pass health freedom protection laws.  We are committed to supporting the passage of Safe Harbor Exemption bills which protect access to health care practitioners who do not hold state occupational licenses and are currently practicing in the public domain.  Historically these health care practitioners have been unfairly charged with the practice of medicine without a license. 

Safe Harbor Exemption laws for these practitioners protect consumer access to the broad range of health care and healing practitioners, such as herbalists, traditional naturopaths, homeopaths, body workers, and culturally specific healing practices which are not currently regulated by the states and do not rise to the level of concern requiring state oversight, certification, registration, or licensure. 

Massachusetts state capitol

We hope you saw our recent alert on the 4 states with active “safe harbor” exemption bills (Massachusetts, Maine, Iowa and Wisconsin)!  Our behind-the-scenes work in these states includes everything from drafting the language of each state-specific bill and its legislative “leave behind” point documents to strategizing on weekly conference calls with leaders about their specific needs, legislators, and committees, informing them of their state’s legislative process and the health freedom landscape in general.  We do not charge for our services and, instead, welcome donations to our nonprofit organization.

Please support our organization and the work that we provide for your health freedom!  Help us reach our Spring Fundraising campaign goal of $7000 by March 31st!

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