NHFA Spring Fundraising Campaign.
Help us meet our $13,000 matching grant offer by March 31.

We at National Health Freedom Action have our work cut out for us! For 20 years we have been working with citizen activists; advising, supporting, and using our legal expertise to help those groups succeed in passing a LAW that protects health freedom, including protecting access to complementary and alternative practitioners such as herbalists, homeopaths, traditional naturopaths and nutritional consultants.

SO FAR: Eleven states have protective Safe Harbor Practitioner Exemption laws. Many more are working on them! NHFA is currently advising groups in MA, WI, OR, IA, ND, and CT who are working to pass Safe Harbor Practitioner Exemption laws in their state. 

2020 has brought extraordinary times to Americans, with health emergency powers executive orders bringing about lockdowns and restrictions of all kinds. In response, NHFA has worked to articulate the importance of constitutional rights for all people – even during an emergency. And NHFA went to work to draft model “Right to Refuse” legislation to protect civil liberties, and the constitutional right to refuse medical interventions that do not have our consent. 

Now NHFA is collaborating with freedom leaders to launch a national “Right to Refuse” campaign to ensure that each individual maintains the right to make their own medical and health decisions at all times. This includes decisions about emergency countermeasures, such as whether and when to be tested, tracked or treated for a disease, and whether or not to receive a vaccine.

Can you help support this important work? 

We have very generous matching pledges of $13,000 in the month of March! The first $13,000 will be doubled! Can you send your donation in March to help us reach our match? 

We are so grateful to our matching donors: Rosemary Gladstar of Science and the Art of Herbalism, Dr. Karen Moriarty of Northboro Chiropractic Center & a very generous Anonymous Donor.

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