NHFA and NHFC Seeking a Fundraiser!

National Health Freedom Coalition and National Health Freedom Action are seeking to hire a part-time fundraiser. The fundraiser will help to ensure the resources necessary for NHFC and NHFA to continue and even expand our work for health freedom for all people. 

This is an exciting opportunity for a fundraiser to be able to play a part in increasing health freedom nation-wide!

The fundraiser will be hired by both NHFA and NHFC, and will work a total of 20 hours per week, dividing time between NHFA and NHFC.  The fundraiser will work cooperatively with NHFA and NHFC staff currently doing fundraising, and will report to the separate Boards of Directors.

We are committed to ensuring health freedom for all people – access to the healing practitioners, products, and information needed by each person on their healing journey!

If you know of an experienced fundraiser who may want to play a part in the exciting work of providing health freedom in our country, please let them know of this opportunity.

Click here for more information and detailed job description

Jerri Johnson
National Health Freedom Action
651 688 6515
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