Looking Back at 2020 and
NHFA’s Vision for 
Health Freedom in 2021  

Despite a rollercoaster year in 2020 that jeopardized many health freedoms for Americans, National Health Freedom Action focused on work to maintain and reclaim our individual rights.  NHFA accomplished much during this impactful year.

Throughout 2020 we walked side by side weekly with Wisconsin and Massachusetts health freedom leaders, offering our guidance in their efforts to pass Safe Harbor Practitioner Exemption Legislation, protecting the right of homeopaths, herbalists, traditional naturopaths and many complementary and alternative health care practitioners to practice and be available to consumers.  Both states made it almost to the finish line, and then found out at the end of 2020 that they will need to start all over in 2021 due to the pandemic legislative calendars.  We are so grateful for their work and will continue our work with them and support their efforts to eventual success.

The outcry of resistance to the coercive countermeasures impacting our freedoms and concern about vaccine mandates moved us to collaborate with California Health Coalition Advocacy to help spearhead the Right to Refuse Legislation Movement. Our national model language for Right to Refuse, protecting the right of each individual to make their own health care decisions, was shared nation-wide. NHFA met with leaders from eight launching states to organize and discuss going forward in each state to protect these fundamental rights.

2021 promises to be a year of change and new beginnings. Americans are waking up to the fact that their health freedoms are essential and in grave need of protection. NHFA plans to be a key player in guiding groups that are working to pass Right to Refuse/Right to Choose legislation, protecting the fundamental right of all people to make their own health care decisions and to prohibit governments and corporations from prohibiting employment, travel, education and much more, and from coercing Americans into health care decisions that they might otherwise decline.

In addition, we plan to continue vigorously supporting and helping to guide groups in many states to pass Safe Harbor Practitioner Exemption laws, that will protect the right of homeopaths, herbalists, traditional naturopaths and all complementary and alternative health care practitioners to practice and have their services be available to all Americans.

Seeking Health Information and Ways to Maintain Your Health: 
An Eternal Adventure of Life

We want to help! NHFC supports your access to all health care information, services, treatments and
products that you deem beneficial for your own health and survival.

2021 gives us a great opportunity to learn even more about things that help us stay strong and happy during times when there is a potential wave of illness.  In this challenging year of crisis, it is noticeable that governments and mainstream media have been offering only solutions such as social distancing, washing your hands, and wearing a mask, but have not been informing the public about basic immune strengthening measures such as Vitamin D, Vitamin C, minerals such as zinc and magnesium, avoiding sugar, and many other helpful measures.  In fact, even information about off-label use of helpful drugs by medical doctors has been suppressed.  The entire focus has been on the hope for a vaccine.  But Americans are seekers, and there are many paths to wellness! There are innumerable 

resources available to help people live healthy lives in theface of crisis, including nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathic remedies, energy healing, and many other approaches.

NHFC and our sister organization NHFA have worked for the past 20 years to protect access to thousands of health options. We have worked to ensure the right of many practitioners of the healing arts to offer their services and their wisdom and knowledge to the public.   In our work we have met remarkable professionals and business owners dedicated to health and wholeness.  We support your right to find who and what you need in your journey to wellness.  We encourage you to keep on seeking and educating yourself about building better health and resistance to disease.  We pledge to continue working to ensure access to the healing resources you desire.

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Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year!

NHFC Coronavirus Page

For the last nine months, we have been gathering articles from our health freedom colleagues regarding the facts about coronavirus and information that is out there that is true and false.

We encourage you to continue to check out our coronavirus page as new articles are posted regularly so that we can share the latest information for our supporters.

Congratulations to staff member Anne Gillum
and the birth of her daughter, Piper!

We are excited to announce a new member to our health freedom family.  Piper Gillum was born on August 21, 2020, daughter of Anne and Pat Gillum.  Piper is already taking part in zoom calls with staff members.  Congratulations Anne!

Anne is Assistant Attorney for both National Health Freedom Coalition and Action.  She is very active in helping state groups with issues in their states promoting safe harbor laws for complementary and alternative health care providers. 

Anne is essential to our organization and we are very blessed to have her on board.  Thank you Anne!

Click here to download the 1/21 Newsletter in pdf format.

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