Is your MA Senator on the Ways and Means Committee? Join a Call with him/her to Support MA Safe Harbor bill

NHFA is happy to share with you an important letter from a MA resident with whom we’ve been working closely over the past year in support of MA’s Safe Harbor Practitioner Exemption Bill.  The letter asks you to consider participating in a call with your MA Senator if he or she is a member of the Senate Ways and Means Committee.  The letter reads as follows:

Dear Massachusetts Health Freedom Supporter,

My name is Clark Reddick. I live in Waltham and am volunteering to help pass the “Consumer Access and Right to Practice Complementary and Alternative Healthcare Act”.

Our bill will ensure that MA residents have the ability to access and legally practice complementary and alternative health care.

The great news is that our bill (see footnote) has moved to the Senate Ways & Means committee! We have been in contact with the Chair’s office who has pledged to support us.

But we need to meet with each committee member to try and secure their support for the bill in advance of that vote so that the bill can move to the Senate floor and be voted on by the entire Senate.

My understanding is that your Senator is a member of the Ways and Means Committee. I’m arranging to speak with his staff soon.

Please – would you join me on a brief telephone call with his staff? I can’t really emphasize too much how having a constituent (resident voter) on these calls helps us. Just a little support from folks like yourself goes so very far in getting these good laws passed!

It’s so easy, too. We just need to be in contact in advance to make sure we are on the same page. Once on a call together our team will lead the conversation and explain the legislation – so you don’t have to stress about anything.

Typically, you only have to introduce yourself and say that you support the bill. Bonus points if you share how it personally affects you!

Your opinion matters very much to legislators. Their job depends on keeping you happy!!

With you on our side, victory is possible. Thank you so much for your support in helping keep Massachusetts healthy naturally!

Leverage the moment. Please call, text or email me right away.


Clark Reddick
The Committee for the Protection and Access to Complementary and Alternative Health Care
Waltham MA  

617 930 2133     

*S.2634 – formerly S.665

Find out who represents you here.

Members of Senate Ways and Means Committee:

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