The Fundamental Constitutional Right to
Make One’s Own Health Decisions:
It’s a Matter of Health and Survival

We are a country of laws, and laws and executive orders are impacting personal health freedoms and liberties during this historic time in our country.

Listen Here to Attorney Diane Miller sharing basic foundational information on laws that impact health freedom and “how we got here”, including what you can do to protect your constitutional right to refuse government coercion.

NHFA supports protecting the long-standing American freedom of the right to refuse medical interventions that do not have our consent.  This basic fundamental constitutional right of bodily autonomy and self-determination in health decisions needs to stand strong even during an emergency. 

NHFA recommends that states introduce and pass Right to Refuse laws that embody health freedom principles. Take Action Here to write to your legislators and ask them to pass a bill in your state to protect your health freedom and your right to refuse emergency countermeasures that do not have your consent.  Citizens can educate legislators about their expectations of freedom and their vision for a healthy America.  (Click Here to Read the Full Model Language)

We are happy to support your efforts in any way that we canClick Here for our advocacy e-learning booklet to get started on changing the laws in your state.  If you have a committed group of individuals wanting to protect your rights to health freedom please reach out to us via email to set up an exploratory conversation.

Together we can make sure our laws reflect what we want America to be!   

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