Attorney Diane Miller Presenting at
Trinity Health Freedom Expo!


The Trinity Expo is going Virtual October 2020! Trinity Health Freedom Expo is an amazing gathering of experts and advocates for natural and alternative health, bringing dozens of educational lectures to the public about natural health and ways to protect our health freedom.

Diane Miller, Director of Law and Public Policy for NHFC and NHFA, will be presenting and informing listeners about the right of healing practitioners to provide services and information to their clients. What are the barriers for you to have access to the practitioners that are right for you? What are the solutions that are already increasing access?

Diane will describe the safe harbor practitioner exemption laws and the many states that have worked to introduce legislation that would enable practitioners like herbalists, homeopaths, traditional naturopaths, health coaches and many others, to legally practice. These legislative efforts will give many unlicensed practitioners exemptions from accusations of practicing medicine without a license, provided they comply with certain provisions. Since Maine’s passage of their safe harbor bill last year, eleven states now protect access to these practitioners. Two more states (Wisconsin and Massachusetts) are poised for final passage, awaiting final votes. National Health Freedom Action (NHFA) is working in many states toward the ultimate goal of protection of access to all healing practitioners.

Miller will also discuss the importance of individual rights to accept or refuse testing, treatment (including vaccination) and tracking during declared health emergencies. She will also address the right of parents to decide to accept or decline some or all vaccinations for their children. This right is being infringed upon in some states due to legislation removing exemptions.

Diane will also be part of a broader Health Freedom Panel, including Robert Scott Bell, Jonathan Emord, and George Noory. This dynamic presentation will explore many facets of health care policy and food and environmental policy that affect our health and our freedoms. Access to raw milk, the issue of EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) and microwave radiation, mercury in dentistry, the labeling of GMO’s, regenerative farming practices – these are all issues that are current in America and that demand consumer information and action. NHFC is working to raise awareness so that consumers can effectively engage in public policy change. NHFA is working to enhance your rights when it comes to your health.

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Tune in to the virtual Trinity Health Freedom Expo, October 24 and 25, and learn about how you can increase health freedom in this country, and how you can be empowered to take control of your own health!

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