2018 US Health Freedom Congress – An Inspiration for a movement!

US Health Freedom Congress 2018 – An Inspiration for the Movement!

What an inspiration, to be surrounded by a roomful of leaders who have devoted their energy to health freedom for us all!  With the theme, “Wisdom and its Application — a sacred synthesis”, health freedom leaders met “in the Round”, for two days, to build collaboration in the movement, and the energy in the room was palpable!

Eight seasoned health freedom leaders were asked to be wisdom speakers and share their perspectives from past lessons learned and ideas for moving forward.  They included Diane Miller, Jerri Johnson, Scott Tips, Peter McCarthy, Leo Cashman, Julie Whitman Kline, Camilla Rees, and Robert Scott Bell.  Jim Turner, keynote speaker at the Health Freedom Awards Banquet, spoke to “Health Freedom….Use It or Lose It, Lessons from 50 Years of Activism.”

Here are some of the first pictures from the Congress:  https://healthfreedomcongress.com/2018gallery/.

Stay tuned for more pictures, more information on the Stories of Courage and the winners of Health Freedom Awards, and links to all of the recorded presentations!  A Treasury of wisdom for the ages will be coming soon!

We thank our generous sponsors who made this important gathering happen!  https://healthfreedomcongress.com/sponsors-3/ 

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