Board of Directors


Sally Tamplin

My husband Cliff and I originally come from England, we moved to the USA in 1994 when Cliff’s company relocated us to Minneapolis. We have two grown up sons. Currently our home is in Florida.

I started out in life in the UK as a teacher and as part of my teaching degree (Sussex University, UK) I trained in special education.

Later in life I became very interested in complimentary medicine especially when our younger son, Giles, wasn’t doing too well. Eventually I went back to school in the UK to train as a homeopath and this subsequently led me study flower essences, then to therapeutic massage school, reflexology and eventually to herbal medicine and to the work of the well-known herbalist and healer, Hanna Kroeger. I am passionate about helping people become healthier and subsequently enjoying and getting the most out of life so they can share their talents for the greater good. I love children and particularly enjoy working with families and young people dealing with the challenge of autism.

I have gained a wealth of knowledge, certifications and experience in a wide range of helpful life and wellness coaching skills. In my private wellness coaching and teaching practice I see clients in Florida, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. For many years I lived in Minnesota and worked with Dr. Jacob Mirman at his Homeopathic Medical Clinic. We worked diligently and put together a plan to deal with pandemic influenza, H5N1. You can visit our website and view the healing book that we co-wrote. This was a public service project and we have helped many people just by establishing this web site.

During 2014 – 2015 we worked together to establish contacts and get homeopathic remedies into Liberia and saved people dying from Ebola. I have also helped Dr.Bill Gray raise funds to build the first homeopathic clinic in Sierra Leone, West Africa and since 2006 I have actively supported the work of my colleague and teacher, Jeremy Sherr, his work with HIV and his homeopathic clinics in Tanzania.

I have been a tutor at The School of Homeopathy, UK (a distance learning program in the USA) and for several years I was their North American Representative. One of my special areas of interest is in teaching the acute care course. I belong to the UK Professional Register – Alliance Registered Homeopaths. I am also a graduate of The Dynamis School of Advanced Homeopathy.

I have taught holistic wellness classes and seminars extensively over the past 15 years, (especially classes on influenza and homeopathic first aid, flower essences, herbs, essential oils and bodywork) I have taught in Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, New York and the UK. I have several published articles in “The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths Journal” and also “The Edge” Magazine, MN and on the Internet. I have visited Haiti four times since the 2010 earthquake with the charity group Homeopaths Without Borders and volunteered my services.

When I am not working in my holistic wellness coaching practice I enjoy traveling and exploring and I spend a lot of time each year visiting family and friends in the UK. I enjoy watercolor painting and Cliff and I particularly enjoy sailing our 38-foot Catalina racing yacht around Florida.